This page will be updated frequently as Streaking expands so check back frequently.  Have a question?  Ask it here…

Registrations and Donations

How do I register to become a Holiday Streaker?
By clicking here.

Is my registration fee tax deductible?
We are proud to say that Holiday Streakers is an official tax-exempt public charity so when you register, you will receive an email receipt indicating the portion of your registration fee that is tax deductible. You can also choose to donate more during the registration process, 100% of which will be tax deductible.

I want to donate, but am not so much interested in the exercise part. What do I do?
Ah, the “What do I have to pay to NOT exercise?” question. Click here to be linked to the Streaker Central registration site, where you can choose to donate only. You will still receive any available gear/swag (but its always optional). When you donate, you are still a part of Streaker Nation, as our number one mission is to raise money for our recipients. You will have access to Streaker Central to check on friends, stay in touch with other Streakers and look through all the posts. You do not have to log exercise, but you will still have a login and password should you choose to be more than just a generous donor. Thank you for still supporting Holiday Streakers.

Do I have to raise money to Streak?
Nope, all you need to do to be a Streaker is to register and you are good to go. Or you can simply donate money and still be a part of Streaker Nation, no exercise required!

Can I raise additional money from family and friends sponsoring me on my Streak?
Oh, heck yes! You can donate additional money any time. Ideas for sponsoring your Streak could include a nominal amount per mile run (like a quarter per mile during the Streak) or a nominal amount per day in your Streak (maybe $.50 to $1.00). This is a great way to get others involved, or you can simply direct them to the Streaker Central registration site and they can donate individually and get access to the logging site and follow along.  Better yet, have them become a Streaker, form a team, and work together to get healthy while supporting our recipients!

I don’t really want to use my credit card, is there another way to pay?
Sorry, there is not. We are using the same payment system as previous years and it has been flawless and completely secure (using PayPal). At this time, you will need to use a credit card to register and/or donate.

How will I know what part of my registration is tax deductible?
When you register, you will receive an automated email thanking you for joining Holiday Streakers, as well as indicating that you may deduct your registration fee, as we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization (One More Mile Charities)  We have done everything possible to keep costs down in order to maximize your donation, including soliciting sponsors to cover as much of our operating costs as possible.

How do I tell my friends?
When you complete your registration, you will have the opportunity to challenge others. You type in their name and email address and a personalized challenge email gets sent to them. Or you can take your own personal link and email it to your friends and when they register, you still get credit! Why does it matter? You can follow your progress regarding how many you have challenged and how many have accepted when you log in. We will announce a “winner,” the person who gets the most challenges accepted. But really, everyone wins when Streaker Nation grows so spread the word far and wide!


What counts as intentional exercise to keep my Streak alive?
Exercise is whatever you choose it to be. We count 1 mile of running/walking or at least 15 minutes of anything else. Some examples could include (but are not limited to): biking, spin class, swimming, weight lifting, tabata, yoga, P90X, any other exercise video, 50 burpees (but if they are penalty burpees, you still have to do your 15 minutes for that day! The burpees are a penalty for missing the previous day, after all), stretching, physical therapy as part of injury rehab, or any work-type task that you are engaging in that you normally would not have done. For instance, if you have a snowblower but chose to shovel your drive, that could count. If you shovel your neighbor’s drive that can count. That’s about the best example I can come up with.

What doesn’t count as exercise?
Anything that you would have done anyway no matter how strenuous. For instance, an 8-hour shopping marathon doesn’t count, hunting all day doesn’t count, shoveling your drive if you have no snowblower doesn’t count. A Disney vacation? No. Getting up 19 times to go to the beer fridge? Sorry. Falling down the stairs, even more than once? No dice (but is an indication that you should make fewer trips to the beer fridge)(or move it to the same floor!). Other possibly healthy activities that don’t count: massage, sauna, whirlpool, ice baths, tanning beds, running from the police, etc. There are no Streaker Police going around double checking what you did. This is on the honor system. There is no prize for completing your Streak other than pride, which will be completely undermined if you cheat and it will haunt you each and every day from now until you pass and then God will taunt you daily from then till eternity for cheating on your Streak even if that is the only sin you committed in your entire life (ok, that may not all be true, but you WILL have to live with it).

What if I miss a day?
You can still maintain your Streak as long as you are willing to engage in one of our Creator’s cruelest jokes: the burpee. Fifty of them. 5-0. Doesn’t sound bad? Then you may not know what a burpee is. This is a burpee (along with some awesome music). You can take a break during your 50, in fact, you will probably need several breaks. You must complete these the next day to keep your Streak intact (but once again, no Streaker Police, it’s on your honor). I am not sure I have ever HAD to do burpees, and not because I didn’t encounter some challenges with getting my mile in, but because I don’t want to face 50 burpees (I saw a shirt recently that said “Burpees hate you, too” which is brilliantly funny, but to know that burpees actually dislike me made me hate them even more).  Seriously, avoid the burpees.

I missed a day and did not do the burpees. My Streak is over, now what?
You have two choices: you can either wallow in self-pity and hope for sympathy (which you will not receive from Streaker Nation) or you can suck it up, commit to starting a new Streak and get after it. In Nick May’s testimonial, he describes carrying his Streak on for a ridiculous number of days after Holiday Streaking officially ended one year. This is about your health and your life. We are just here to get you kickstarted. So smile, do some burpees for what you missed and jump back on the horse. We are so happy to have you back.

What if I ran a full marathon or completed an Olympic triathlon yesterday?
You are a complete animal, you should post about it (include a picture!) and then get after your mile or 15 minutes today. EVERY DAY!

I want to join a Holiday Streaking team.
Get on Streaker Central and join one!  Or create one.  Having a team of coworkers, friends, exercise buddies, or even drinking buddies is a great way to hold each other accountable and to increase the fun even more.  Find a great banner and team profile pic, come up with a brilliant name, and get on a team.  There are team stats as well as individual stats.  The team feature is still relatively new, but a great addition to Streaker Central and Holiday Streaking in general.

Logging My Exercise

Where do I log my exercise?
Streaker Central. You will have a login and a password that you created during registration. If you forget your password, there is a “forgot password” button you can use. We have tried to make Streaker Central as user-friendly as possible, but after each Streak, we receive feedback to improve for the next year.  Anthony has built an incredible logging system, but we are always looking to improve.

What if I am having problems logging my exercise?
Email me at holidaystreakers@gmail.com and I will do my best to provide you with support as quickly as possible. Anthony and Dave are brilliant at providing support, but we all carry full-time jobs so please give us the grace of 24 hours to get back to you with a solution.

I logged the most miles running so far, what do I win if I keep it up?
You win the undying admiration of Streaker Nation. This is a challenge unto oneself, there are no prizes. That being said, if competition compels you, we built in the Streaker stats to help you push beyond your comfort zone. I will warn you, there are some real crazies out there, so bring your A game. We sometimes also have a handful of one day “challenges” that you will learn about after Streaking has started.  The real winners here are our recipients that we help support; knowing that they are being supported financially, spiritually, and just knowing there are so many of us in Streaker Nation thinking about them. You and every mile or every minute you exercise is a major part of that. So keep getting after it.

I just can’t seem to get my mind right to get after it today, what should I do?
This is my favorite part of Streaking: when I can’t get myself in gear. This is what the community is for, holler that you need someone to give you some encouragement. I think you will be amazed. And if that doesn’t work, think about our recipients. They don’t have a choice with the challenges they face each day. They attack life, each and every day, squeezing every last awesome moment out of it. No matter what your exercise plan for the day is, I am guessing it pales in comparison to what they will face today. And if nothing else works, think about how many people would love to be able to have the opportunity to do what you get to do today. Those with physical disabilities or cognitive disabilities. With injuries that prevent them from being physically active. Those who are working 3 jobs to make ends meet and sincerely have no time for exercise. Those who are obese to the point where they can’t just get up and go get it without risking injury or other health issues. We are a lucky group. We have a higher calling. We owe it to our recipients and to everyone else who cannot do the things we do to give it our all each and every day. We are strong. We are Holiday Streakers!