We had the honor of meeting with Fausto and Wilda today to deliver a holiday card and a check. The family was in good spirits and the good news was reported of Fausto’s health as his pancreas no longer requires a bag. I had the opportunity to speak a bit of Spanish, but I was thankful that their caseworker Danielle with Mission Southside of Olathe http://www.missionsouthside.org/ was present as she speaks Spanish fluently and was a great help translating for us. We thanked them for being a huge inspiration to us as we grow our fitness challenge community of Holiday Streakers. We also reminded them we continue to hold them in our thoughts and prayers. They were grateful to receive our prayers, support and check from funds raised. They also showed us a card they had received already. Fausto and Wilda and their girls have a lovely home full of Christmas cheer. We wish them and all our families a safe and happy holiday season.

Joey Condon Update – 12/05/17

First, let me say a tremendous thank you to all of those who are streaking and keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers. Scrolling through the Facebook page and seeing the dedication of so many people has us feeling incredibly humbled and joyful all at the same time!
Yesterday marks the arrival of December, and with it – a month of some big appointments for Joey. During his last MRI in mid-October, we were disappointed to find his tumor was growing at an unexpected rate. We head back to Memphis for another round of tests, including another MRI to see what has happened with his tumor in the last 2 months. Following testing, we have a consultation with Joey’s incredible neurosurgeon to determine if another surgery is required and/or if other treatment is in Joey’s near future.
This is a tough time of year to be facing these appointments, the palpable “scanxiety” before the next MRI, and still keep the holiday spirit alive for Joey and our other children. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with fear of the “what ifs”. Your specific prayers are requested and appreciated to help us this month. Please pray for uncomplicated appointments for Joey, peace and strength for him (and us as his parents) as he undergoes painful procedures, and as positive of test results as possible.
On the bright side of things – Joey is doing really well on a day to day basis. He is enjoying school and time with family and friends. He brings laughter and love to our family each day. He is excited for Christmas and Is hoping to be back from Memphis with plenty of time to celebrate! Thank you for being with us during Joey’s Journey.
-Martha Condon

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