The spirit of the holiday season has energized me and I have been on a streak. Before my cancer diagnosis, I rarely exercised. The most I did was walk to the sale rack at the department store looking for the trendiest clothes. So for someone who never exercised, I am on a streak!!

I have managed to take a brisk two-mile walk each day since Thanksgiving. I am confident my stamina will increase as the days go by. (I did manage to power shop for 12 hours on Black Friday with my mom and my girls). Shopping always motivates me.

Every year, during the first weekend of December, my family heads down to the Plaza in Kansas City for some holiday shopping and making memories together. My girls and their husbands/boyfriends, my son and his girlfriend, and Don and I will cram ourselves into two suites at the Embassy. I am ready for some good times and some good adult conversations.

My kindergarten classroom conversation went something like this today… We were talking about the value of a nickel. I stated that the value of a nickel is 5 cents. “Oh, oh, oh,” shouted a boy, “I’m five!” Then the next student said, “My dog had five puppies one time”. The next student said, “I don’t get no dogs, just a cat.” The next student said, my grandma, has two cats. Needless to say, we were off topic, again! Gotta love those Kindergarteners!

I hope this these next few days find you motivated and rejoicing in the spirit of the holiday season while spending time with your families! Once again, thank you for letting me be a part of the Holiday Streaker Nation!

Traci Shultice

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